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Hello and Welcome.

This shop was created with love and passion for Cargobikes and cycling as a means of transport. Our days are spent researching, dreaming, planning and crafting to provide you with the best from the world of Cargobikes.

We encourage you to test ride, it is fun and the best way for you, your family or your business to find the right bike. Visit us to try huge range of bikes in a quiet traffic free area and learn everything you ever wanted to know about cargo bikes.

Why you should visit our shop.

  • over 10 years experience in sales, hire and repairs specific to cargo bikes
  • 15 brands from over 7 countries (incl UK), huge stock of bikes available in store ready to ride away
  • traffic free test riding area, cycle training
  • free car parking
  • free service after 1 month, no hustle 1 year guarantee on all new cycles *
  • after sales service and repairs anywhere in Greater London *
  • cycle insurance, bicycle marking & registration scheme
  • worldwide shipping
  • custom fabrication


Don’t have time to visit?

Choose up to 3 bikes and test ride at home. This service is available on weekends only (10 – 17:00). Pay £75 anywhere in Greater London (or Oxford). All fees are fully refundable on all new purchases.

* Subject to terms and conditions


Two or three wheels? That is the question.

What are the main differences between 2 and 3 wheelers? Which is better? Once you have determined how you are going to use your cargo bike, here are some general recommendations to consider: 3 wheels generally offer more space in cargo box can climb uphill without having to worry about the balance have the added advantage […]

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