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How to Keep Warm in the Box

Posted on October 9, 2017 at 10:41 am

Photo from @cargobikelife

How to Keep Warm in the Box

We are often asked how little passengers in a cargo bike can keep warm when out and about during the colder months. Based on the feedback from our customers and our own experience, here is a little run down of the options available.

Most cargobikes have purpose-made hoods or rain tents which offer protection not only against rain but also cold. They are usually made out of thick waterproof canvas. This is especially effective when more than one child is in the box. This combined with gloves, hats, warm socks and thermal underwear should keep them warm and snug. For those who have wooden benches, a cushion, small pillow or sheepskin. No one likes a cold bum!

When the weather is nice but crisp, a few blankets thrown over their laps will work well. Fleece or microfibre ones do the job really nicely and fold small. If you are planning a longer ride, a hot water bottle and a flask of hot chocolate or soup may also come in handy. If you have the space, a couple of blankets or fleece kept in the bike at all times is always a good idea, even during the summer months as it can double as a rug for an impromptu picnic. And we all know those.

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Hoods differ of course, but most would offer some versatility allowing you to have it partly open without exposure to a full blast of cold air. In some models, the Christiania, for instance, the top panel of the hood can also be used as an extra blanket. Experiment with the hood and you will soon find out that your children have a preferred arrangement!

A change of clothes may also be a good idea in winter for the youngest passengers, to remedy potential spills. It would be a shame to have to shorten a ride as a result of a wet patch getting cold on the skin. Some lanterns and/or fairy lights can also turn a dull (highly unlikely) and dark school run into a magical adventure.

And one last recommendation: stock up on emergency snacks! Will keep them going even if for whatever reasons you are delayed.

We hope you find this useful. Let us know what your tips are.


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