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Pendix Retrofit

Posted on June 30, 2017 at 12:01 pm

E-assist Retrofit: the adventure continues with Pendix

Having growing and subsequently heavier children does not necessarily mean the end of the school run on your beloved cargo bike. We have been retrofitting Bafang e-assists on Bakfiets, Nihola, Bicicapace and other cargobikes for a while to the delight of our customers. If you are considering such upgrade, please do get in touch.

We now also offer our Christiania customers the opportunity to retrofit their bike with a high-end mid drive motor made in Germany.  After extensively researching the market, Christiania settled on Pendix. Whether your Christiania is two or ten years old, the Pendix system makes it possible for cargo bike families and businesses to upgrade their bike, opening up a brand new chapter in their cargo bike life.

Pendix is a highly versatile, yet simple kit that can be added to pretty much any frames. The kit consists of a brushless bottom bracket, 250 Watt motor and a 48 V lithium battery pack. The battery is fitted to the frame in place of the bottle holder. Find out more about the Pendix specifications.

The 250W motor has a maximum speed of 15.5m/hours with a torque of 50nM. Three settings – Eco, Smart and Sport will help you through any challenging terrain on your route. The battery has a range of 65-99 miles, depending a riding style and topography and full charge is achieved in 3 hours. The e-assist is intuitive with the motor kicking in when it ‘feels’ you need the help. Due to its central position on the bike, this system will not affect the handling.

The Pendix retrofit process is fairly quick to carry out and we can do the upgrade within one day. You can book yours now simply by filling up the Book Online form on our website. Select ‘Other’ in the drop down menu.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.



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