Babboe Slim Mountain

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Cargo Volume:

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The Babboe Slim Mountain is the perfect mode of transportation to discover the world together with your children. The bike is extra slim, which makes it very manoeuvrable. Moreover, the bike is stable and balanced, as the kids sit in a straight line in front of you. This makes it feel as if you were riding a standard bike. Babboe Slim Mountain boasts an extra slim design. This makes cycling long distances a breeze. The Babboe Slim Mountain takes up little space thanks to its slim design, making it easy to cycle on narrow roads, as well as to park and store.

The powerful Yamaha mid-drive motor with force sensor and Enviolo (Nuvinci) stepless shifting system allows you to easily go for long outings and long-distance tours.


Assembled dimensions:     255 x 65 x 110 cm
Tyre size:                                   Schwalbe Big Apple 26 inch rear wheel, 20 inch front wheel.
Box load capacity:                 80 kg
Saddle load capacity:          100kg
Frame:                                      Extra sturdy, anthracite-coloured frame with shockproof powder coating, treated on the inside to prevent rusting.

Box material:                         The bottom panel consists of beech wood, with rounded corners for safety

Bench:                                      1 bench for 2 children

Belts:                                        2 belts

Lock:                                          ART approved Trelock ring lock with possibility for cable lock

Saddle height:                      Height adjustable saddle with quick release, suitable for people with a height between 1.57 and 1.98 m


Electrical specifications

Action radius:                      24-37 miles
Battery:                                  36V 400Wh 11Ah
Battery location:                 Battery is attached under the bench
Charging time:                     From completely empty to completely charged: 4-6 hours.
Motor:                                     Yamaha mid-engine, 250W, 70Nm torque (peak 80Nm)
Battery charger:                  42V 2.17A

The Babboe cargo bike is an initiative of Dutch parents. Like many other parents in Holland, they were looking for a comfortable, safe and affordable cargo bike. None of the existing cargo bikes fitted their hopes and expectations and that is why they decided to develop their own top quality cargo bike. In 2007, the first Babboe cargo bikes were realised and sold in the Netherlands. The Babboe cargo bike is now part of the Dutch daily family life. Babboe have now expanded their range to businesses with the Transporter.

It is a smart transport alternative that allows you to transport and deliver safely your goods. No fuel costs, traffic jams, parking problems or parking costs. It is also good for the environment. A cargo bike is an environmentally friendly choice. Research conducted in the Netherlands has shown that more than half of all motor journeys are shorter than 7.5 km, which happen to be the most polluting journeys and those that cost the most in fuel. As an alternative mode of transport, the cargo bike can reduce CO2 emissions by 6% per year in the Netherlands alone.