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The Douze Family – Electric range is a modern, lightweight and stylish cargo bike for up to two children. Longer distances or steep hills are the most common reasons for paying the extra cost of electric motor. Electric systems on bikes are improving rapidly so if you just want a motor for fun, we understand why.

Designed by and for parents who want to carry their kids safely and comfortably, the Douze Family comes with 600 or 800 front frame. Please note that 800mm front piece is also wider and therefore more suitable for older children compared to more compact 600mm.

Douze Family – Electric comes with a B pack which includes a seat for kids with two 3-point harnesses, the “box”, a flexible waterproof cover and a plastic underside (installed beneath the floor). The double (2X2) cable steering lets you turn the front wheel 75° and the unlocking system allows you to quickly separate the front and rear frames.

The DOUZE canopy is a must-have if you want to keep your kids dry and happy, in any weather. Its inflatable structure makes it very light and easy to fold away. The design is pure DOUZE. Lovingly hand-crafted by our seamstress in our Beaune workshop.
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You can easily take your Douze Family cargo bike on vacation in the trunk of your car or on a bike rack.
This exclusive feature, offers you the opportunity to travel your bike with you on the train! You can also store it easily in a narrow room by returning the cargo in two times.
The quick separation is definitely the feature that will allow you to simply do unthinkable things with a monobloc frame!

Whether on a frame before 400, 600 or 800 you will be surprised by the healthy behaviour, even with a full load. Test riding is  highly recommended.

The GO SwissDrive (GSD) motor is tested to industry standard IP64, designed to prevent the ingress of dust or spray. This robust quality protects customers who use their bike
in harsh conditions, such as when carrying out delivery services with heavy loads. Energy recovery (recuperation) means less wear on the brakes when riding downhill.
Known also in Formula 1 as KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System), it is only possible on rear wheel hub motors. U6e GSD offers urban commuters smartphone connectivity via Bluetooth integrated into the new EVO display.


These models are beautiful and very well designed machined. Test riding highly recommended. You will be pleasantly surprised by their easy handling and responsiveness of their sturdy frames.

Douze cycles Soft bag

The Soft Bag

The SOFT BAG is a waterproof, lightweight and durable fabric basket. Lined on the sides to ensure a curvy shape, it will withstand the weather and protect your children comfortably inside.
The SOFT BAG attaches quickly thanks to the bands sewn with Velcro. Securely attached to the BOTTOM SIDE TUBE and TOP SIDE TUBE you will never have to retighten it. It has a pocket on the back, allowing you to protect your phone and your papers.

The TOP COVER will close the entire body, with 6 adjustable clips, fixed on the base of the cargo. Fabric loops on the upper part will allow you to strap an additional package on it if necessary.


Classic Aluminium Case

The aluminium case ALUBOX is simple and resistant. Available for all three frame lengths, this is the most economical way to start an activity.
Alubox 600x400x600 – 140 L
Alubox 600x600x610 – 156 L
Alubox 800x600x610 – 216 L

londongreencycles Aluminium case - KEP

Aluminum case KEP 600 or 800

The fully welded aluminum KEP body takes the form of the frame for enhanced aesthetics and load optimization. Thanks to the offset of the opening on the front part, you can use this box with 60 or 90mm brackets to keep a “sport” position. The large load volumes, 200 L for frame 600 and 250L for frame 800, allow to carry a maximum of fully protected from the elements.


RHINO 800 aluminum case

The RHINO cash register is made in Berlin
Aluminum 1,5 – 3 mm
Metallurgical company DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008 certified
Riveting technology for easier parts change
Powder coating based on automotive body quality
Sliding system with dampers
Mechanical locking system (Southco lock)

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Choose your configuration below.


Rear frame *
TRAVELER / MESSENGER / BIG BOY – CrMo 4130 steel, anti rust interior treatment
Front frame *
600 mm / 800 mm – Aluminum 7005 T6
Matte Black / Glossy White – powder-coated powder
CrMo 4130 steel – QR axis 9 mm


Rear hub
135mm – 36H – 10mm Axle – Black
Front hub
100 mm – 36H – QR axis 9 mm – Black – Dynamo SP -DP8
20 “+ 26” – 36H – Alu Double wall – Eyelets Black
* brakes
TEKTRO Gemini AV-AR Hydraulic – Disc 160 mm
Stainless 60 mm- Powder coating
Rear wheel
26 ‘+ Disc brakes
Steering system
2X2 cables + Sheath KEVLAR
Steering column
Adjustable without tools – Easy-up (H95-105)
Headset AV / AR
1 “1/8 Semi built-in
Mustache – 640mm
60mm – D1: 28.6 – D2: 31.8
Saddle stem
Adjustable in 2 parts (H82-110 cm) anti-theft system
Saddle clip
City- VP 856
Fastening axle AV / AR *
2 X Anti-Theft Axles
SRAM XSerie 9 Speed ​​External Derailleur (11-32)
First RT1 39d
S1: 2.43 m – S9: 7.08 m
Bottom bracket
External housing 68 mm – 1.37 “x24t
TAYA Nove DH 1/2 “x3 / 32”
Dynamo lighting
B & M Lumotec + TOPLIGHT Small
Pack B
Down and Top Tubes, Floor,

PLASTIC BOWL, SOFT BAG, TOP COVER, Child seat, 3 point magnetic belt.


Douze dimensions


DOUZE Cycles have two main features that make their cargo bikes quite special:

It’s the first manufacturer to sell cargo-bikes with cable steering. The advantages compared to standard cargo-bike steering systems (rod and ball ends) are undeniable: Exceptional manoeuverability! A front wheel capable of turning 75° to the right or to the left will allow you to easily manoeuvre your DOUZE and make U-turns in tight places. Our steering cable allows deep and sharp turns without the danger of the rider toppling over. The ad-hoc sheathed cable that we have designed is capable of working under extreme weather conditions.

Their  innovative quick-release system allows you to separate the front from the rear frame in less than 5 minutes. You can transport your DOUZE in the trunk of your car or on a bike rack behind it. Separated into two parts, your DOUZE is easier to store when not used on a daily basis. For different needs, you can change the frame! The 400 for instance could easily be replaced with the longer 800 frame in a couple of minutes.


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