DOUZE V2 (Cargo)

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The evolving and modular DOUZE: The cargo bike with infinite possibilities

The DOUZE V2 is a unique model in the cargo bike market, by being separable into two parts in less than 3 minutes. This is a major advantage when transporting, storing it and adding to it. It is also the focus of innovations developed by DOUZE Cycles, such as steering by cables and the rear scalable frame.

Infinite number of combinations
The DOUZE V2 has been designed to reflect you. Choose the length of the front frame, the shape of the rear frame, the colour and any components from the menu. Its open platform accommodates a multitude of compatible pieces of equipment.

With its lockable box, the DOUZE V2 knows how it is done and does so perfectly. You are unique and so is your DOUZE V2! For each use, there is a solution.

The DOUZE V2 Classic is an extremely accessible cargo bike. With its simple and robust design, it is driven by muscular force. Whether you are sporty or love Sunday rides, the DOUZE V2 Classic is made for you. Its rear Open frame allows it to switch, if you wish, to electric assistance while pedalling.

Quick split system

DOUZE Cycles is the only cargo bike manufacturer to offer such an innovative system.

Quick split system allows you to remove the front frame from the rear frame in under 3 minutes.
You can then easily take your DOUZE V2 on holidays and park it wherever you are staying. This innovation also gives you the opportunity to switch the frame according to your needs, for example, as your family grows, you can graduate to a front frame of 600 to 800mm.

Cables steering system

This exclusive steering system by cables offers exceptional manoeuvrability!
Steering by cables, developed by DOUZE Cycles, allows turning of the front wheel by 75° to the left or the right for exceptional manoeuvrability and turns in confined spaces.
This system is adjustable, requires little maintenance and up to any challenge, with its stainless steel reinforced cables and Kevlar sheathing.

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One frame with multiple combinations.

The rear frame of a DOUZE V2 is supplied with an interface allowing changes to the transmission.
According to preferences, you can install a conventional chain set, a gear box or a central motor, all while keeping the same frame. With this innovation, you are assisting sustainable development.

Aluminum case KEP 600 or 800

londongreencycles Aluminium case - KEP

The fully welded aluminium KEP body takes the form of the frame for enhanced aesthetics and load optimisation. Thanks to the offset of the opening on the front part, you can use this box with 60 or 90mm brackets to keep a “sport” position. The large load volumes, 200 L for frame 600 and 250L for frame 800, allow to carry a maximum of fully protected from the elements

RHINO 800 aluminum case

 londongreencycles Douze rhino box

The RHINO cash register box is made in Berlin

Aluminum 1,5 – 3 mm
Metallurgical company DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008 certified
Riveting technology for easier parts change
Powder coating based on automotive body quality
Sliding system with dampers
Mechanical locking system (Southco lock)

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The SOFT BAG is a waterproof, lightweight and durable fabric basket. Lined on the sides to ensure a curvy shape, it will withstand the weather and protect your children comfortably inside.
The SOFT BAG attaches quickly thanks to the bands sewn with Velcro. Securely attached to the BOTTOM SIDE TUBE and TOP SIDE TUBE you will never have to retighten it. It has a pocket on the back, allowing you to protect your phone and your papers.

The TOP COVER will close the entire body, with 6 adjustable clips, fixed on the base of the cargo. Fabric loops on the upper part will allow you to strap an additional package on it if necessary.

Classic Aluminium case

londongreencycles Douze Aluminium case

The aluminium case ALUBOX is simple and resistant. Available for all three frame lengths, this is the most economical way to start an activity.
Alubox 600x400x600 – 140 L
Alubox 600x600x610 – 156 L
Alubox 800x600x610 – 216 L

Choose your configuration below.


Rear Frame
Acier CrMo 4130, anti-rust interior treatment.
Front Frame
400 / 600 mm / 800 mm
Aluminium 7005 T6
Matte black – Powder coating
Other RAL colour optional
Acier CrMo 4130 – Axe QR 9 mm


Rear hub
135 mm – 36H – 10 mm Axe – Black
Front Hub
100 mm – 36H – Axe QR 9 mm – Black
20″+ 26″- 36H – Double backed aluminium – Black eyelets
TEKTRO Gemini or Magura MT4
AV-AR hydraulic disc brakes -180 mm
Stainless 60 mm- Powder coated
Rear wheel
26′ + Disc brakes
Steering system
2X2 cables + KEVLAR outer cable
Steering column
Adjustable without tools- Easy-up (H95-105)
1″ 1/8 Semi integrated
sport – 640mm
moustache – 640mm
10mm – 40mm – 60mm
D1: 28.6 – D2: 31.8
Sport or Ergonomique
Sport ou Comfort
Fixe : 350 mm or 400 mm
2 parts (H82-110 cm) anti theft system
Aluminium- VP 469
Axle front/rear
2 X anti-theft axles or 2X quick release axles
Drive train
SRAM XSerie 9 speed exterior derailleur (11-32)
Crank set
First RT1 39d
S1: 2.43 m – S9: 7.08 m
Crankset housing
68 mm Housing – 1.37”x24t
TAYA Nove DH 1/2”x3/32”
Lighting dynamo
B&M Lumotec + TOPLIGHT Small

DOUZE Cycles, the French creator of cargo bikes

DOUZE Cycles designs and manufactures cargo bikes that are as beautiful as they are practical.
Our philosophy is to offer you a new form of sustainable mobility, which can change your daily life.
The car can stay in the garage, because your DOUZE Cycles can be on the road in all conditions.
Taking the children to school, going shopping, transporting goods around – anything is possible.
Our team invents, designs and assembles bikes and accessories of the highest quality in Burgundy.
Innovation is at the heart of our job for your safety and comfort.
The DOUZE V2 is fully customizable, you can choose all components that best suit your needs.
It offers electrical assistance if you wish to have it. With or without electric assistance, it’s up to you.

Change your lifestyle – DOUZE IT!

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