2019 Christiania 3-Speed Cargo

Lightly used 3-speed Christiania straight box Cargo, originally purchased in December of 2019; perfect for local delivery tasks, pop-up shops, or food distribution.

Comes with a flat rain cover and gold-standard lock. It has a small branding decal which can be removed before purchase.

Viewing and pick up is in Hackney (E8). Contact us for more information!

  • 3-speed gears
  • Disc brakes
  • Black box
  • Kryptonite lock
  • Black box cover

Being made from the best materials available

Requiring minimal maintenance

Being high-quality products with a functional design

Being functional and reliable regardless of the weather

Having a long service life and maintain a high resale value

Having a wide range of options, developed over the years

Being an environmentally sound transport.