Jopo – Orange 24″ single speed, with rear basket


This Finnish Jopo bike is a classic style of bike suitable for riders of almost any age, height or sex. It has 24″ wheels for a compact but comfortable ride and a convenient basket affixed to the rear rack for cargo.

jopo is a bicycle brand developed by Helkama in the 1960s, which was originally in production between 1965 and 1974. The name comes from the Finnish words ‘everbody’ and ‘bicycle’. The basic model initially had 22-inch wheels, but later the 24″ tire size was established as the basic size. The height of the saddle and handlebars had large adjustment margins and no tools were needed for adjustment, so the bike was very suitable for riders of many sizes. Since those years, the jopo family has grown tremendously to cover almost every tire size, from pin 12″ tires to adult 26″ tire sizes. The extremely popular jopo is also available in several different colors. In addition, there is an e-jopo, in which a twisting electric assist motor changes and speeds up the journey. All jopos are made in Finland.