2020 Christiania Straight Box

This well-cared-for 4-year-old Christiania Straight is being sold by the owners. It has been fully serviced at London Green Cycles in May 2024.

This Christiania Bike seats up to 4 children, with one lockable hard bench having a Y-belt and a lap belt, and one soft seat with a lap belt.

It has 7 gears, with a front hand brake and a coaster (back-pedal) brake.

It comes with:

  • Cushion for hard bench, to make for a more comfortable ride
  • Black Prairie hood & arches for keeping the kids warm & dry

Please drop us an email at LGC@londongreencycles.co.uk or call us at +44 020 7935 6934 to arrange a viewing with the owners in Shepherd’s Bush or at our shop near Regent’s Park!