2022 Bicicapace Justlong Electric

A well-looked after Bicicapace Justlong, this bike was originally brought from London Green Cycles in February of this year.

The JustLong has 20” tires and a rigid frame tail to guarantee good stability even in heavy-duty conditions.

It comes with one child seat under a rain tent, and a large waterproof bag on the front to hold all your school bags or shopping, as well as a full-bike rain tent to keep it rust-free when stored outside. 

With its powerful mid-drive motor, this bike is a joy to ride anywhere – even up large hills!


The bike is available now, please get in touch with us by phone or email if you are interested and we can arrange a viewing!

Bicicapace is an Italian brand based in Milan, which projects and produces bicycles through useful, innovative and professional solutions to carry people and things. The models are designed for people who cycle every day.

They believe in innovation, style, and simple solutions to improve the potential of the product.

Bicicapace cycles offer a comfortable load system, integrated with a compact bike. They chose steel as the leading material for cargo bikes, particularly suitable for everyday use, to go to work and to do shopping. It allows for simple lines and specific details.