2022 Christiania Classic Green RearDrive

This Christiania was bought in July 2022 and has hardly been used since as they owners commute was not suitable for a trike.
The bike comes with a customer green box finish from Christainia, a green bell, hard bench (which is lockable) and a lap belt. The bench can fit two children and a third could technically sit on the floor panel. The bike comes with a full trike cover (a cover for the whole bike) and a flat box cover.
The bike is fitted with a rearDrive motor, it comes with an LED display and is fitted with a throttle.
For £500 additionally, this bike also comes with a spare Promovec battery- retail is £750.
It’s very well-looked after and is in great condition.
This bikes is based in Amersham, if you are interested please get in touch to arrange a test ride!