Bakfiets Short 2020

This well-loved Bakfiets Short is now up for sale. It has been lightly used and well-maintained by the owners.

The Bakfiets Short is a nimble and surprisingly ridable bike, able to handle heavy loads and remain stable due to its low centre of gravity.

It is fitted with a bench, complete with 2 Y-belts, and a frame lock. It also comes with a tweed rain cover with rollable zip sides, perfect for either rain or sun.

If you are interested, please get in touch; the bike is located in Alnwick, but the owner is willing to transport the bike down to London (or to the location of your choice along the way) at no extra cost.

Max Load: 80kg.

Bakfiets have changed the look of cycling in the Netherlands,United Kingdom and many other countries. Their concept of carrying children in a cargo bike was innovative and is now accepted world-wide as an alternative and green form of transport. For many parents using a Cargobike or Cargotrike is a liberating and life changing experience especially on the school run in busy towns and cities where the volume of traffic has become a big problem. Since the first model, there has been continuing development to enable you to carry babies, children, dogs, shopping and cargo with ease and in safety.