Christiania Straight Box 4 Seater bike

This well looked after 7-Speed Christiania straight box fits up to 4 children comfortably and is perfect for the school run and getting around the city. It can also be easily converted to a cargo box for deliveries or getting your belongings from A to B.

This bike was bought from London Green Cycles in 2017 and has been carefully maintained since then with regular trips back to London Green Cycles for servicing. It was last serviced in June 2021, where it was fitted with 2 new tyres and a third one was bought but hasn’t yet been changed (old back tyre pictured with splits – it has a few months left in it before the new one will be needed. New tyre also pictured.) Also one side of the box was replaced. A brand new Vienna saddle added September 2021.

The bike comes with:
Hard box child seat with choice of lap seatbelt (for older children) or 2 over the shoulder seatbelts for little ones.  The box opens for storage.
– Fold down child seat with lap belt (belt fastening needs replacing as the metal is no longer secure)
– Hoops and red Prairie hood 
– 7 working gears
– bell
working back light (runs on a dynamo)
– full bike rain cover – needs re-waterproofing. Quite sun faded.
– side hoop holders


The bike will need some attention on:
– Front light – is there but needs reconnecting to the dynamo
– Back wheel – will need changing in the next few months (tyre included)
– lap seat belt – on the folding seat needs a new metal attachment.
Side of box – has a small hole in it so will probably need replacing eventually. For the moment it is safe and solid.

Christiania Bikes can be characterised as:

Being made from the best materials available

Requiring minimal maintenance

Being high quality products with a functional design

Being functional and reliable regardless of the weather

Having a long service life and maintain a high resale value

Having a wide range of options, developed over the years

Being an environmentally sound transport.