Edgerunner Vitamin

A great long tail cargo bike from Xtracycle. This is a Edgerunner 24D, 2014 model, in “Vitamin Orange”.

This is a brilliant bike for carrying cargo or children, particularly because of the low centre of gravity created by the 20″ rear wheel (the front is your more regular 26″).
In good condition, this cargobike has a 19″ frame, mechanical disk brakes, and includes a Xtracycle “Hooptie” – the rail on the back which allows you to transport up to three children (or one adult.). Also a fitted Kickback stand, set of U Tube footrests, a mini magic carpet seat and X1 cargo bags. The headset & pedals have been upgraded.

The cargo bike is available for test ride upon request.

See there for the detailed specifications of the 24D. Please note that the headset & pedals have been upgraded.

Xtracycle Edgerunner

Discover the ultimate cargo bicycle, a shape-shifting, do-it-all, ready-for-anything machine designed to handle whatever you want to haul—and evolve with your needs. Xtracycle: “We’re cargo-bike artists and the Edgerunner is our canvas!”

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