Frog 69 Black, 8 speed


This Frog 69 Black is a high-quality hybrid kids’ bike with 26″ wheels, which is suitable for a kid of around 10-12 years old.

It has 8 speeds on an external gear hub, front and rear calliper brakes, and a 3rd-party rear rack.

  • 26″ wheels
  • 8 speeds on external gear hub
  • Calliper brakes front and rear


Jerry & Shelley Lawson founded Frog Bikes in 2013. It was a fruitless bike hunt for their own two children that inspired them to leave their corporate careers behind and create bikes just for kids.

As they set about creating quality, lightweight & affordable kids’ bikes Frog Bikes was born. Nine years down the line and Frog’s child-centred approach has earned them global accolade; industry awards for innovation and design, an award-winning factory, around 1,800 retailers worldwide and thriving partnerships.
Re-Designing The Kids Bike

Together with Brunel University & renowned bicycle engineer Dimitris Katsanis (of Team GB Olympic fame); we have reformed the thinking behind children’s bike design.
All of our bikes are designed with the child in mind. We continually modify our frames and components in collaboration with sports scientists at the Brunel University.