Green Onderwater

Beautiful green tandem bicycle for 1 parent, 1 child (Onderwater adaptable size) in good condition after two years of regular use. Will come with gorgeous, bright red, never-been-used saddle bags as part of the sale.

Onderwater bikes have an a high build quality, comfortable for both parent and child. The intuitive design makes it easy to manoeuvre with the child sitting in front, which let them enjoy the view safely.

The saddle can be adjusted upwards and the pedals can be extended (meaning you can lengthen the use of the bike).
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Available for a test ride. Get in touch if you are interested.

Brakes: Shimano roller brakes with potential upgrade to hydraulic rim brakes.
Lights: Hub dynamo powered 35 lux headlamp with standlight. LED battery rear light or optional dynamo powered Plateo rear light with standlight.
Tyres: Standard Schwalbe Marathon with Schwalbe Marathon Plus option.
Security: Axa integral lock is fitted to rear wheel, with an optional plug-in chain.
Gears: 8 Shimano Nexus hub gears.
Finish: Very durable powder coat customised paintwork (Green) and lots of stainless steel parts mean that the bike will keep its new appearance for many years and retain a high resale value.

Accessories included: Saddle bags (red)



In the mid-nineties, Ronald Onderwater, then a homeopath went to live in Amsterdam. Surprised by the amount of discarded bicycle parts in the dirt, he started to tinker his first city bicycle. This lead to the building of a true transport bike which received lots of praise from passers-by. A business was born. A variety of models were developed including the VicePedal, the family tandem.

After all these years, what Onderwater finds the most special, as experienced to whoever has ever ridden an Onderwaterfiets is that people smile when seeing such a useful bicycle.

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