Onderwater Tandem XL

Onderwater Tandem XL

An amazing bike that served its family well for many, many years. For sale as the children have grown up and so the family is looking to downsize to fit their current needs.

The Onderwaterwaterfiets is an ideal tandem to cycle with your children. Could potentially carry up to three with an additional seat and a rear rack seat. Sitting in the front, your children can enjoy cycling while the steering is left to the parent sitting behind who retains control. The children can help with the pedalling or taking a more laid back approach and enjoy the view!

Ready to go. Available for a test ride on request. Get in touch if you want to arrange one.

  • Super-strong 26″ en 20″ wheels
  • Tough, flat resistant 47mm Schwalbe Marathon tires
  • Nexus 8 speed hub dynamo
  • Shimano IM81 Rollerbrakes F & R
  • Hub dynamo, LED headlamp, LED tail/standlight
  • Quickly adjustable saddle heights
  • Axa wheel lock with antitheft chip
  • Long rear carrier


In the mid-nineties, Ronald Onderwater, then a homeopath went to live in Amsterdam. Surprised by the amount of discarded bicycle parts in the dirt, he started to tinker his first city bicycle. This lead to the building of a true transport bike which received lots of praise from passers-by. A business was born. A variety of models were developed including the VicePedal, the family tandem.

After all these years, what Onderwater finds the most special, as experienced to whoever has ever ridden an Onderwaterfiets is that people smile when seeing such a useful bicycle.