Used Christiania Classic Non-Electric

A Used Christiania cargo bike, the Classic (sloping) model with slanted box and a red Bugatti rain cover.
Has 7 gears, there is a dynamo front light, which currently needs fixing an a battery rear light.
This bike is suitable for 2 children and includes a Y belt and lap belt as well as a padded seat cushion. The hard bench is lockable and can be used as storage. There is also a lap belt fitted to the base of the bike which can be used to strap in a baby seat.
Comes with bell, heavy chain with disc padlock, and tyre lock on the back wheel.
This bike is nearly 10 years old as it was bought in late 2011.

It is common for children to move into our cargo bikes. It is not only about transporting children safely to the kindergarten, the playground or on other trips. It is also about giving children an extra space for more intimacy and enjoyment. It is still one of the lightest and fastest cargo bikes on the market.

Classic Light is one of our most popular models. Nimble, light and a pleasure to ride. Designed specifically for the transport of one or two children. Buggatti Panorama rain hood is extremely versatile and makes the bike seem even smaller. The lower front panel allows for a better view ahead and even more enjoyable ride.