Xtracycle Tern Cargo Node

This cargobike has been used only once. Our customer bought it new from us and then a change of circumstances shortly after the purchase meant that it was no longer possible to keep. This model has a black frame.

The Cargo Node is a game changer for people who live in cities. Thanks to 350 lb (160 kg) of carrying capacity, big wheels and an ultra-stiff handlepost, it’s a full-sized cargo bike, yet it folds down to 1/3rd its total volume in only ten seconds. It’s designed to fit in an elevator, so it’s easy to store in an apartment, and it’s light enough to carry onto public transit. It’s the ultimate transportation solution for people who want to live car-free.

The cargo bike is available for test ride upon request.

  • 16sp derailleur
  • Disk brakes
  • Hub dynamo front and rear light
  • Full sized cargo bike that folds to fit tight spaces like car trunks and elevators
  • Can fit up to two children when fitted with the Yepp Maxi Easyfit seat and adapter (see here)
  • Andros™ handlebar stem for tool-free riding position adjustments—on the fly
  • Electricity-generating hub powers the wide-beam 41 lux Valo™ 2 front light
  • Full-size tire pump hidden inside the seatpost—so you never leave it behind
  • Promax hydraulic disc brakes for stopping a cargo bike’s worth of gear
  • Xtracycle Kickback™ bipod kickstand for stability when stationary
  • 160 kg (350 lb) total cargo capacity including a rider of up to 115 kg (254 lb)

See the full list of spex here.

Tern Cargo Node

Discover the ultimate cargo bicycle, a shape-shifting, do-it-all, ready-for-anything machine designed to handle whatever you want to haul—and evolve with your needs. Xtracycle: “We’re cargo-bike artists and the Edgerunner is our canvas!”

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