TrioBike Boxter

TrioBike Boxter

Almost brand new cargobike purchased in May this year. Due to a change in circumstances, this family had to change the school run logistics and part with it, with great regrets.

This bike is electric, has a black frame, a black cabin, black seats and red hood. See the specifications tab above to see all the accessories that have been added.

The Triobike boxter can carry a lot. Kids, pets, groceries, gardening tools, large packages, even a Christmas tree. And the spacious box module is squared, making it extremely practical to stack big loads. The floor has a non-slip surface for safety and the box is cast in one solid, seamless piece without any dangerous joints or sharp edges, making it totally kid and user friendly. The hood allows your kids (and the family pet) to enjoy a panoramic view of the city and can easily be folded away on sunny days.

Available for a test ride upon request. Get in touch if you want to try it out.

  • Frame colour:  BLACK FRAME AND BOX
  • 2 BLACK bench seats with 4 seat belt harnesses (There are four seats.)
  • Hood for 4 seater –  RED HOOD
  • Electric assist
  • 3M reflective rods on all 3 wheels
  • Rear view mirror to fit handlebars
  • Winther toddler seat
  • Weber Baby seat and head hugger
  • 2 X  front and 1 rear LED battery lights
  • Rear wheel lock
  • Upgrade to puncture proof tyres
  • Steering Damper for extra control

More info on the Boxter from the manufacturer website.


Triobike is a way of looking at the world where you choose to be free and out-going. You choose to be open to life. Triobike lets you go where cars can not – through green parks and down charming side-streets, breathing healthy air with happy kids. Journeys become adventures, loads become lighter and days become brighter. You go where you want and you do it with a smile. We want to inspire everyone to greet each day with optimism and move through life with ease. This is what we call the trio way.

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