Used Christiania Cargo with Bafang motor

This well looked after custom Christiania Cargo Bike has been recently retrofitted with a new Bafang Motor

The bike is 10 years old but has been serviced regularly, it originally came with a Promovec system and 2 batteries and the owner still has. In the last few months it has been fitted with a powerful Bafang motor.

This bike is perfect for people who want to get their belongings from a to b or for companies using it for deliveries.


If you are interested in this bike please get in touch with us to arrange a viewing and a test ride.

Christiania Bikes can be characterised as:

Being made from the best materials available

Requiring minimal maintenance

Being high quality products with a functional design

Being functional and reliable regardless of the weather

Having a long service life and maintain a high resale value

Having a wide range of options, developed over the years

Being an environmentally sound transport.