Used Christiania Classic with door

This well looked after electric Christiania classic box fits up to 2 children comfortably and is perfect for the school run and getting around the city.

This bike is fitted with a door for easy acces and comes with all the original accessories, a Bugatti rain cover, 1 hard bench with a lap belt. This bike has been serviced quartly since it was purchased. This bike was originally bought back in 2016 from London Green Cycles.

This bike is in good condition, there are a few bumps and scrapes to the wheel guard but just from general use. The only damage is to the battery carrier which got a slight knock recently and has cracked. It will need replacing at some point but the owner has been informed that at the moment it’s very stable and solid due to being connected to the basket (attached with cable ties) on the rear.

If you are interested in this bike please get in touch with us to arrange a viewing and a test ride.

It would be available anytime after 9th July.

Christiania Bikes can be characterised as:

Being made from the best materials available

Requiring minimal maintenance

Being high-quality products with a functional design

Being functional and reliable regardless of the weather

Having a long service life and maintain a high resale value

Having a wide range of options, developed over the years

Being an environmentally sound transport.