Used Christiania Electric Classic two seater family bike

A loved Christiania Classic family bike with E assist, perfect for transporting children from A to B around the city. The electric assist will help you in getting up those hills or when you have a full box.

This bike is fitted with a Promovec motor. It comes with a hard bench (which has lockable storage), a red cushion, front Reelights, a water bottle holder, red bugatti rain cover and storage panels within the box.

The bike is also fitted with front light brackets which you can attached your own bike lights to for extra visibility.

If you are interested in this bike please get in touch with us to arrange a viewing and a test ride.

Christiania Bikes can be characterised as:

Being made from the best materials available

Requiring minimal maintenance

Being high quality products with a functional design

Being functional and reliable regardless of the weather

Having a long service life and maintain a high resale value

Having a wide range of options, developed over the years

Being an environmentally sound transport.