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Winter Cycling

Posted on January 17, 2018 at 12:19 pm

Three tips for safer, more enjoyable winter riding

Frozen nose and cold fingers can only mean one thing:

Winter is truly upon us so we thought we’ll do a quick round up of the steps you can take to enjoy your rides throughout the colder months.


Lights are a must as days become shorter and your commute is likely to be in semi-darkness. Batteries-free Reelight are an excellent solution for cargo bikes. They are magnet-powered, so there is little to no added friction; permanently fitted on your bike so you don’t have to worry about them; always on, flashing and they remain on for a little while after you stopped pedalling. Their sleek design and shape make this product a perfect complement to the Christiania bike for instance as we can mount the front light in one of the reflectors on the box panel. We also have a wide range of lights including dynamo, battery powered as well as USB rechargeable.

Winter Service

We would recommend to do a general service before the winter months as it would greatly reduce any issues that wet weather can exacerbate. It will give you peace of mind and in the long run, will save you money. You are more likely to have a puncture in winter for instance as roads hold more debris and dirt than in any other seasons. It’s also a good opportunity to ask any questions you may have. For instance, we can advise you on how to prevent your lock from getting jammed in winter or what measure to take to protect your e-assist battery from the cold.

A good clean bike to start with will make a world of difference and speed up your regular maintenance.

Book your service now. Booked services are completed within the same day.

Non-slip pedals

Pedals which prevent feet from slipping out suddenly will make a big difference to your ride in winter. We can recommend a few models from the light pedals Ergon PC2 (£60) to the ATB Resin pedals (£6). Models such as these will ensure a nice grip during the winter months when shoes are likely to be wet and slippery. In addition to their quality, these pedals are suitable to use with regular shoes and won’t damage them.



Now, get out and ride!

Have you tried the new infrastructure in central London yet? If not, you should try, it is brilliant! To make it even easier to get around, some clever people at London Cycle Network kindly populated this great map that collates all the current routes.

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