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Green Commute Initiative

Posted on March 7, 2017 at 7:08 pm

Green Commute Initiative

Electric-assisted cargo bikes are now within the reach of commuters with the arrival of a new cycle to work scheme on the market. With Green Commute Initiative, employers can now help their employees join the e-bike commuting revolution!

Anyone who’s actually ridden a cargo bike will tell you they are enormous fun and make any school or nursery runs combined with a work commute possible. Hills and distance are no problem with e-assist models and you’ll always have the legs for the ride home even after a long day at work.

However commuter quality e-bikes aren’t cheap and for reliable everyday use you’re looking at a big one/off investment. London Green Cycles have just signed up to delivering Green Commute Initiative. The Initiative is a better version of the popular Cycle to Work (C2W) scheme but with several key improvements.

Unlike previous C2W schemes there is no £1,000 limit, making e-bikes possible and there are no end of scheme fees to reduce employee savings. It’s also normally possible to finance the scheme so employers don’t need to find any cash and employers can also make tax savings.

Employees can still save up to 42% and pay for a brand new e-assist cargo bike in small monthly instalments spread out across up to 24 months. Rob Howes, Managing Director of the Green Commute Initiative said: “We want more commuters to enjoy the freedom of e-bike commuting instead of horrible, frustrating car journeys. Academic research shows people who have an e-bike use their cars 20% less and that can only be a good thing.

Better air quality and less congestion benefits everyone. The fun doesn’t stop at the weekend, cargo bikes are the perfect companion for family outings. With the e-assist you are free to explore further afield and discover your local area, meet up with friends and much more!

For further information, ask us or visit The Green Commute Initiative.

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