Our cargo bike hire fleet

This service is for anyone wishing to hire a bike for occasional, recreational or business use. Our fleet consists of 3wheelers (Christiania, Nihola), 2wheelers (Bakfiets, Bullitt), most available in both electric and non-electric configurations.

We also have a handful of standard bicycles to hire should you wish to bring the whole family along.

A whole cargo bike fleet or long term hire are available so please do enquire for more details. Our bikes can also be delivered straight to your door. Insurance, helmets, lights, baby seats and locks are included in the price.

One week hire before you buy is free

To be exact we will credit the amount you paid for hire towards your new cargo bike purchase. Buying a box (cargo) bike is a big decision (although undoubtedly one of the best decisions you’ll ever make) so if you’re considering a purchase but are still unsure, hire should be your next step. Try your usual routes, check the parking, see the smiles and hear the giggles of your children, this experience is priceless.

We have all the necessary accessories and equipment to get you around safely and happily. Cargo bikes for family use come with seats, safety belts and  rain covers to keep your precious cargo protected. You can learn the basics in our traffic free test riding circuit where our staff will answer your questions and address any concerns you may have.

For those unaccustomed to cycling in London, we know it can seem a bit worrisome, but rest assured that a cargo bike is one of the safest cycles to ride.











How much in advance should I book my hire?

We advise you to book your bike no later than a week in advance to avoid disappointment. Please use this form to ease the process.

What documents do I need to bring with me?

The payment needs to be made by credit or debit card, we will keep the card details as a security deposit. And you will also need a valid photo ID (drivers licence, passport, ID).

What kind of bikes do you hire?

We have a fleet of identical Christiania tricycles that can accommodate up to 4 children. These are also suitable for commercial as individual bikes or the whole fleet (5). In addition we have a Bakfiets long and short that can carry max 2 children each. We also have a Bicicapace, a sound bike and a Market Stall.

Find out more on the hiring process.

Do you hire bikes to businesses? Our company would like to trial three at a time

Businesses represent a large proportion of our rental service users. For businesses wishing to trial cargo bikes in their day to day operation all bikes can be supplied without seating and branded (for additional cost). Staff training and bike delivery to your door can also be easily arranged. Past hire examples include parcel / food / flower deliveries, photo shoots / filming, marketing campaigns, product sampling, info point, magazine / leaflet distribution and many, many more.

Can we hire a branded bike?

We provide full / partial box branding as well as umbrella and/or hood printing. Please bare in mind the additional cost of branding.

Can I rent an Ice Cream, Coffee, Mobile Kitchen tricycle?

Unfortunately custom tricycles are not available for a short term hire. However do not hesitate to contact us with any custom bike related questions.