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Christmas cargobike fun

Posted on December 11, 2017 at 4:03 pm

Christmas cargobike fun

We know cargobikes are very useful. They transport people and stuff on regular outings and errands but Christmas is a time we are reminded how very awesome they are.


For those who are buying a real tree, the annual trip to choose a the tree would have become a family tradition. Everybody joins in, it is a decision made collectively, sometimes subject to hard bargaining from the younger family members. You’ll have that discussion around number of trees needed and size. The living bit in living room is a difficult concept to grasp when you are 5. Nothing in the end that a couple of bungees would not solved. Modacity has shared some great examples from around the world.


Christmas presents are sorted, by the big man in red obviously, we know that, but for everything else, the cargo bike is invaluable when inexorably we end up rushing from one place to the next to get all the supplies needed. Whether hosts or guests, the festive period involve a fair amount of carrying stuff. And since the children are usually off school during that time, the cargo bike is a great help for that too. Nothing induces the Christmas spirit more than fighting your way through busy pavements with small children in tow, carrying bags. No.

Quaxing | London Green Cycles

Switched on Fun

Families who own a cargobike know how the relationship with the bike will grown to earn a pretty significant status. The family will adopt it as one of their own, gives it a name even. The children will decorate it, sometimes will draw on it, stick things on it and add accessories. Come Christmas, some fairy lights or tinsels and baubles will inevitably start to appear. It is great fun and will leave countless of people a little bit warmer inside on the afternoon school run trail.

Christmas Lights |London Green Cycles

Another great example that could be use all year round is that rather nifty effect!

Some will go one step further and wow, what a result that was! Crafty Carl designed and built this rather impressive festive carriage! Some brownies point earned there from the PTA!

Carl's Bakfiets | London Green Cycles

How festive is your cargobike? Let us know.

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