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£200 Gift Voucher

Posted on November 25, 2016 at 9:39 pm

£200 Voucher

Christmas is about giving and sharing quality time with our friends and families. And possibly chocolate….but let’s not deviate!

We have a very special treat for you this Christmas. How many people around you have admired your cargo bike? How many times have they praised its purpose and said they wished they had one?

We are offering you the opportunity to give a £200 voucher to a friend or family member who is considering buying a cargo bike. Whether you initially bought your cargo bike from us or not. If the latter, please provide a sale receipt of purchase. Bring the completed voucher below and redeem it at our shop for any new purchase within the range below, including e-assist models:

At a time when perhaps things around the world seem to take a turn for the worse. When whatever progress our city has made to tackle pollution and enable more people to cycle, it now all seems under threat. When the political will is weak, we would like to strengthen your ongoing and relentless effort to make our city better. As a cargo bike user, you send a powerful message every time you set those wheels out. You say, it is possible. Look! I am doing it right now. Going to work with all my stuff. Doing my job, with all my tools. Delivering it all in no time. Cycling my kids to school, nursery and to our friends’s house.

So, just to sum up:

Who is this voucher for? This voucher is a gift from us at London Green Cycles (LGC) to all cargo bike owners out there. Please note that customers who haven’t bought the bike from LGC will need to provide a sales receipt.

Who can redeem this voucher? Any individual who was given this voucher by a cargo bike owner. Not applicable for businesses.

When is the voucher valid? Between 1st of January and 28th of February 2017. This voucher is valid on selected cargo bike models only. Offer is limited to one voucher per purchase.

Thank you for making the cargo bike community such a fabulous bunch and for spreading the cargo bike love!

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£200 Voucher | London Green Cycles


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