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London Kidical Massive

Posted on September 20, 2015 at 1:29 pm

We can’t think of a better way to spend the afternoon! London held its first everLondon Kidical Massive on Saturday.

The weather was gorgeous and it was truly inspirational to see so many families coming to celebrate cycling together. After a brief gathering around some yummy pains au chocolat and croissants, we moved towards the car park for a great family photo, displaying the wide variety of wheels a family and their little ones can use to get around in an urban environment.


As the ride started some impatient drivers tutted disapprovingly and although some attempted to overtake rather aggressively, the vast majority showed restraint as it was, after all, quite a sight. This, however did not deter any of the riders who counted children as young as 4 as well as grand-parents. The sheer pride and joy of the riders was contagious and cheers were heard from passers-by among the sweet melody of bell ringing.

Some fellow cyclists caught up with the ride and slowed down for a chat, people took pictures and riders beamed at the thought of what was truly happening and also at the beautiful surroundings of Regent’s Park, spotting the giraffes grazing gracefully in the near-by London zoo. The older kids were eager to pedal care-free ahead in the safe knowledge that their parents and fellow riders surrounded them. The message of the ride was Kids Are Traffic Too and this was blatantly obvious that this is easily achievable with the right infrastructure. These kids know what politicians and road-planners seem reluctant to see: a city designed to accommodate family biking will ultimately lead to a more liveable, sustainable, profitable, and fun way of life.

Cargo bikes featured prominently among the participants and we were delighted to see so many of our customers discussing their love and passion for their ‘box’ bikes. For most of them, acquiring one was a life-changer in working out and managing the complexities and logistics attached to having a family in modern living London.

The ride ended in the park with a picnic where everybody chatted to everyone, the children playing happily whilst some parents had a go at fellow riders’ bikes.The Quad was a clear favourite!

It was a fantastic event and a great opportunity to strengthen the sense of the ever growing London family cycling community.

Don’t take our words for it, check out the pictures of the day.

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