Bicicapace Classic Electric

Bicicapace Classic Electric – Compact cargobike handmade in Italy.

Smallest cargo bike in our range though still offering 70litres of completely waterproof and easily accessible cargo compartment that is securely attached to the main frame. The Bicicapace Classic Electric is extremely comfortable and easy to handle making it an ideal cargo bike for shared use or simply, small volume deliveries or just a very comfortable daily commuter. The addition of the Shimano Steps motor gives you the flexibility to cycle anywhere with ease.

A modern version of a classic utility bike. The Classic has two variations: the Classic and Sport. The former, is the original Bicicapace design, with a step through while the latter has a sportive riding position, with a top tube which gives you speed and fun. Both are practical, easy to ride and perfect for daily transportation. The Classic is built to be durable and low-maintenance, with the battery mounted onto the frame the bike looks sleek and is easy to remove when needed.

The waterproof bag is specially designed for this bike and is made of  recycled PVC. It comfortably carries 70lt and can be easily folded flat. It’s attached directly to the frame so the handling is easy even with full load. The bag has two handy pockets useful for keys, mobile, maps and more.  The bag (and the frame too) can be branded with custom graphics.

Bicicapace Classic has great combination of colours with three standard colours and three secondary colours. (other colours available only with long-terms pre-orders)

Bicicapace offer a variety of Shimano STEPS motors/batteries.

Each option is a mid drive system, so the ride feels very familiar from the start and gives you the flexibility to cycle up steeper hills with a heavier load. Prices start at £3951.00for the EP6 motor.

STePS EP6 Shimano EP6 integrated motor with 418wh battery.

STePS EP8 Shimano EP8 integrated motor with 630wh battery.

BOSCH CARGO LINE Bosch integrated motor with 500wh battery.


The EP6 Classic has a Nexus 5v hub, Shimano Steps EP6 motor and a 418wh battery.

Step through/top tube steel frame

different combination

80 lt waterproof front bag fastened to the frame


Integrate high efficienctly led light with steady rear

Double wall alloy rims with stainless steel spokes

Schwalbe front 20″ balloon tire, Schwalbe rear 26″ balloon tire

Steel, matching colour

Sturmey Archer 38th 170mm silver alloy with colour chain guard

Anticorrosion and stainless steel

Ursus double leg stand 55kgs

Selle Royal Moody,
comfort gel and springs

Adjustable, approx 70-95 cm
(Saddle to floor)

Approx 170 cm

70 lts / 30 kg 1,7 mt
The leading model with the front large PVC bag.

max 50 kg 1,7 mt
The handy floor useful to carry extra size volumes.


Bicicapace is an Italian brand based in Milan, which projects and produces bicycles through useful, innovative and professional solutions to carry people and things. You can find out more of their journey here.