Christiania Post Box (Model P)

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Christiania Post Box

Made for deliveries, on street advertising, sampling and other marketing purposes.

Engage with your customers outside your premises. Let them taste your food and remember you are just on their way from work. Promote your brand with an eye catching, stylish, yet functional product of Danish design.

Christiania Post box is designed with secure lockable box. The lid, which is internally fitted with 2 gas springs, is therefore easy to lift and lower. Instead of opening the box completely, the flap on the side will let you access the box quickly to take out a small package without lifting the lid. This model is also ideal for transporting of valuable goods or tools.

Post Box model was originally developed for the Danish Postal Service in the beginning of the 90ties. It has been through many developments to give the postal service workers a great experience. On account of being higher, this box offers more volume than the Cargo model and the maximum payload is 100kg (almost 16 stone). With hard lockable lid and extra hight (60cm) it offers greater volume than the standard Christiania Cargo work horse.

Another version of this box is Event Bike. It comes with sliding internal shelf and 2 additional external shelfs. This box type was first made specifically for project Wonderful Copenhagen, in 2012 as a tourist information stand.

Both the Post Box and Event bike have become popular designs for municipal services, local authorities, restaurants, advertising agencies etc..  in Denmark and other parts of Europe.

The rearDrive e-motor option:

The system features a display, a throttle and an easy lockable battery with an integrated light, and software that is thoroughly adapted to our models.

The system has been tested in Scandinavian weather conditions and is made to cope with tough challenges. The motor has a three year warranty, and the battery has a two year warranty with the possibility to receive an extra two-year capacity warranty. The batteries are produced in Denmark from a 100% renewable energy facility and by strict regulations.

The rearDrive has a brushless DC hub motor with planetary gear, a 250-watt continuous effect with a max peak of 550 watt and a max torque of 54 Nm. The system has a voltage of 36V and is available with a 17.4 Amp battery, which has a range up to 70 km.

Please get in touch if you would like further information about the pricing of the e-Assist Christiania Post box.

Box Options

Model P can either be equipped with a Post box or an Event box. The Post box is designed with secure lockable box, which opens fully and easily by pneumatic arms. The lid, which is internally fitted with 2 gas springs, is therefore easy to lift and lower. However, instead of opening the box completely, the flap on the side will let you access the box quickly to take out a small package without lifting the lid. This model is ideal for business use such as transporting valuable goods or carrying tools.
The Event box consists of two tables and a long shelf. It is designed so that all the moving parts of the box are secured when the box is closed and the model is ridden. The Event box is supplied with two folding tables, display stand for brochures and a pull-out shelf and can be customized with various options and equipment.



Tricycle light, aluminium, mat black frame
Extra tall 60cm box with double hinged lid and gas spring
7 speed Shimano Nexus internal hub gear
Abus frame lock
Schwalbe Big Apple tyres
Mechanical disc brakes with parking brake



Introduced in 1978, it has revolutionised family transport in Copenhagen (a quarter of families with two or more children own a tricycle), and it is now exported worldwide. It has since outgrown it’s original workshop in Christiania and moved to a beautiful island between Denmark and Sweden where the production takes place to this date.

The company is owned by the founders, Lars Engstrøm and Annie Lerche. Currently, the production area expands more than 3000m2, and more than 26 employees are working at Christiania Bikes including carpenters, black smiths, engineers and bicycle mechanics.

Green production

The production facility consists of modern machineries and facilities as well as a developed IT-infrastructure. Not only are products from Christiania Bikes environmentally friendly, the mindset of the production is also highly focused on being that. For example this mindset includes environmentally friendly heating, electricity and sorting of waste.

Strong network

Christiania Bikes has built a unique network with long term relationship all over the world with selected retailers and distributors that take a great interest in improving the business in various ways.


Christiania Bikes lives and breathes for its products – it is a business, but the core concept and the energy of the business stem from a high interest in manufacturing great products. Besides manufacturing cargo bikes, trailers and matching equipment, Christiania Bikes is also active in legal matters in Denmark as well as in the EU concerning cargo bikes and electric cycles.


Christiania Bikes strives to consist with the highest standard of business ethics and if laws, rules or regulations require higher standards, Christiania Bikes adheres to these. Christiania Bikes has a straightforward policy of code and ethics, and expects its employees and agents to follow these whenever conducting business for or related to Christiania Bikes. This commitment includes doing what is right, be respectful, honest and treat other people with respect and obey all laws and conventions.

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