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The Christiania Straight Electric – the bike you love now with an extra boost.

The Christiania Straight Electric is one of our most popular models. Nimble, light and a pleasure to ride. Most versatile of all our Christiania family models. Ideal bike for school run, shopping and fun with your children. We recommend 8 speed hub with Disc brakes. The Light model is designed for up to four children. It is compatible with the Prairie Panorama rain hood, which is spacious, light and easy to pack away.

There is also now the option to upgrade to an XL Bugatti hood which is 10cm higher.

Safe interior, designed for children

The selected materials are warm and soft. The interior of the box has no sharp edges to avoid scratching or fingers getting caught. All materials are of excellent quality and from natural and environmentally friendly resources.The 9mm plywood panels are riveted to heavy duty steel profiles and tightly bolted to a light aluminium front frame. This construction seals the children’s room from rain and wind. At the same time, it is a strong construction, which can withstand impacts and the Scandinavian weather conditions for years too.

Made, designed and assembled in Denmark

All our models and main parts are based on our own drawings such as the front hub, frames, boxes and all steel components. Most of the parts are made in Denmark such as steel frames, the steering, the handlebar, wheels and not least our handmade boxes. All models are prepared and shipped from Denmark and safety checked by your local mechanic.

For more details see “specs” or “manufacturer” on more info about Christiania bikes.

The rearDrive e-motor.

The system features a display, a throttle and an easy lockable battery with an integrated light, and software that is thoroughly adapted to our models.

The system has been tested in Scandinavian weather conditions and is made to cope with tough challenges. The motor has a three year warranty, and the battery has a two year warranty with the possibility to receive an extra two-year capacity warranty. The batteries are produced in Denmark from a 100% renewable energy facility and by strict regulations.

The rearDrive has a brushless DC hub motor with planetary gear, a 250-watt continuous effect with a max peak of 550 watt and a max torque of 54 Nm. The system has a voltage of 36V and is available with a 17.4 Amp battery, which has a range up to 70 km.


If you are going to be loading the bike close with the capacity load or are often going to be cycling in hilly areas it is worth looking at the Christiania Cargo Steps model. This bike has a ore powerful motor and is better for heavy loads and hills.

Tricycle light, aluminium, mat black frame
Prairie panorama hood (black, red, blue, cream, green)
1 soft seat black with lap belt (rider’s side)
1 hard bench, lockable with lap belt
1 y-belt (rider’s side)
Abus frame lock
Schwalbe Big Apple tyres
Hydraulic disc brakes with parking brake

Introduced in 1978, it has revolutionised family transport in Copenhagen (a quarter of families with two or more children own a tricycle), and it is now exported worldwide. This is a real story behind a life changing object. The closest you will ever get to buying happiness.

Christiania Bikes …

are practical and pleasure to ride
are nimble and light
are built from highest quality materials and components
require minimal maintenance
have a wide range of options, developed over the years
have a long service life and maintain a high resale value
are a legend in the world of cargo bikes

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