Christiania Classic Electric midDrive

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The Christiania Classic midDrive Steps is a top-of-the-line cargo and passenger bike

With its powerful industry-leading Shimano EP8 Cargo motor that can take you across all terrains, flexible box suitable for all kinds of passengers or cargo, and premium finishes that will stay like-new even after years of use, the Christiania Classic midDrive is a fun and reliable trike that can grow with your family or business.

A Motor That’s More Powerful – And More Natural

The powerful STePs motor is perfect for hauling what you need, where you need it – including heavy loads on hilly terrain. The powerful EP8 motor can provide up to 60Nm and has a range of 40–60 km per charge. The battery has been developed in collaboration with Sony and contains Sony’s most advanced battery cells, which can handle up to 1,000 charges without significant power loss. The battery recharges quickly and can be charged while it is mounted on the bike.

In addition, the torque-sensing motor automatically adjusts to suit you, for a safer, more intuitive riding experience. The harder you pedal, the more the motor helps – so it won’t jerk forward when you’re peddling slowly in a busy pedestrian zone, but it will give you all the power you need to feel like that last big hill before nursery isn’t there at all.

A Box For All Your Needs

The Christiania Classic midDrive’s roomy, thoughtfully-designed box has a number of useful features which make it adaptable to a variety of passengers and utilisations, whether it’s babies from 1-9 months in a Maxi-Cosi carrier, toddlers 9-18 months in a Toddler Seat, or adults in the lap belt. The lockable Hard Bench provides safe storage space when you need to lock up your bike, and is the perfect size for your rain hood in good weather. The panels can be easily removed to transport cargo. The box is big enough to accommodate large cargo like prams, backpacks, or several bags of shopping alongside the passenger(s)!

For those looking to carry cargo, a lid or soft cover can also be fitted to the top to keep all of your goods safe and dry.

Finishes That Show Attention to Detail

The shiny, colourful car paint box doesn’t just look good – it’s durable, too! It can withstand rain, scratches, and kicks from little feet, and mud or dirt washes right off. No matter where you take your Christiania, it’ll be looking good as new, even 5 or 10 years down the line. That means that when you don’t need it anymore, you can pass it on to its next owner – at a much higher resale value.
Your Christiania Classic midDrive is unique – so why not customise it? In addition to your choice of box colour, you can mix or match the colours of your lap belts, soft seats (or hard bench cushions), bell, and hood at no additional cost! If Christiania’s colours aren’t striking your fancy, you can even get it customised with a vinyl wrap.

STePs Motor Specs

  • Torque: 60Nm
  • Range: 40-60Km/charge
  • Motor Style: MidDrive
  • Motor: Shimano STEPS EP8 Cargo
  • Battery: BT-E8016 630wh battery
  • Display: SC-E5003

General Trike Specs

  • Passenger capacity: 1-2 (1 Y-belt & 1 lap-belt, hard bench or folding soft seat)
  • Gearing: Nexus 5-speed internal hub gears
  • Brakes: Hydraulic Bengal disc brakes front & rear, with parking brake
  • Frame material: Matte black aluminium
  • Lights: Integrated, front and rear (powered by STePs battery)
  • Tyres: 24″ puncture-resistant Marathon Plus
  • Box paint: Premium hard-wearing car paint in a variety of colours
  • Frame lock: AXA
  • Compatible rain cover style: Bugatti


Introduced in 1978, it has revolutionised family transport in Copenhagen (a quarter of families with two or more children own a tricycle), and it is now exported worldwide. It has since outgrown it’s original workshop in Christiania and moved to a beautiful island between Denmark and Sweden where the production takes place to this date.

The company is owned by the founders, Lars Engstrøm and Annie Lerche. Currently, the production area expands more than 3000m2, and more than 26 employees are working at Christiania Bikes including carpenters, black smiths, engineers and bicycle mechanics.

Green production

The production facility consists of modern machineries and facilities as well as a developed IT-infrastructure. Not only are products from Christiania Bikes environmentally friendly, the mindset of the production is also highly focused on being that. For example this mindset includes environmentally friendly heating, electricity and sorting of waste.

Strong network

Christiania Bikes has built a unique network with long term relationship all over the world with selected retailers and distributors that take a great interest in improving the business in various ways.


Christiania Bikes lives and breathes for its products – it is a business, but the core concept and the energy of the business stem from a high interest in manufacturing great products. Besides manufacturing cargo bikes, trailers and matching equipment, Christiania Bikes is also active in legal matters in Denmark as well as in the EU concerning cargo bikes and electric cycles.


Christiania Bikes strives to consist with the highest standard of business ethics and if laws, rules or regulations require higher standards, Christiania Bikes adheres to these. Christiania Bikes has a straightforward policy of code and ethics, and expects its employees and agents to follow these whenever conducting business for or related to Christiania Bikes. This commitment includes doing what is right, be respectful, honest and treat other people with respect and obey all laws and conventions.