Bicicapace Pelican Electric

The Bicicapace Pelican Electric cargo bike, hand-made in Milan, Italy.

The Bicicapace Pelican Electric has 20” tires and a large front board suitable for cargo. It is ideal for businesses with delivery needs, or can optionally be fitted with a child seat. The main characteristic is the versatility of the front rack, which can accommodate a variety of sizes and weights of cargo. The Bicicapace Pelican has two variations: the Classic and Sport. The Classic is similar to the original Bicicapace design, with a step-through and upright riding style, while the Sport has a sportive geometry for a more aggressive riding style and increased speed. Please see the different specs which are highlighted in the images above.

The front board can accommodate cargo up to 65Kg, either directly strapped down or via a customised mounted box (sold through third parties).

Bicicapace Pelican Shimano STEPS motors/batteries options

Each of the options Bicicapace offer is a mid drive system, so the ride feels very familiar from the start. The midDrive also gives you the flexibility to cycle up steeper hills with a heavier load. Prices start at £3951.00 for the EP6 motor.

STePS EP6 Shimano EP6 integrated motor with 418wh battery.

STePS EP8 Shimano EP8 integrated motor with 630wh battery.

BOSCH CARGO LINE Bosch integrated motor with 500wh battery.


Bicicapace cycles offer a comfortable load system, integrated with a compact bike. They chose steel as the leading material for cargo bikes, particularly suitable for everyday use, to go to work and to do shopping. It allows for simple lines and specific details. Bicicapace believe in teamwork and sharing ideas, their bike range includes four main models: the Classic (our first utility bike), the Justlong (longtail – the most requested bike!), the Pelican (front-load) and the newborn Classicona (their mid-tail). The first three models have different configurations: the Standard, the E-version and the Sport setting.

Step through/top tube steel frame

More than 20 different colour combinations are possible!

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Front board with a 65Kg capacity, ready for all kinds of cargo



Bicicapace is an Italian brand based in Milan, which projects and produces bicycles through useful, innovative and professional solutions to carry people and things. You can find out more of their journey here.

The models are designed for people who cycle every day.

They believe in innovation, style and simple solutions to improve the potential of the product.



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