eBullitt Milk Plus 2021

  • eBullitt, STePS E6100, internal gearing SHIMANO NEXUS
  • 5-Speed Di2 Classic Milk
  • Convoy Box, White with branding

This rarely-used bike was purchased from LGC in 2021.

Fast and easy to manoeuvre, the Bullitt’s unique stiff, three dimensional frame construction and geometry ensure stability at speed and over a variety of surfaces. With its powder-coated hardened aluminium frame, hydraulic disc brakes, and premium components, the Bullitt is one of the toughest cargo bikes on the market. Its slim cargo platform functions well in navigating narrow bicycle lanes and plays nicely when sharing the road with other road users.


Please drop us an email at LGC@londongreencycles.co.uk or call us at +44 020 7935 6934 to arrange a viewing with the owners.


Bicycle Weight: 

Max Load: 

Larry vs Harry are owned and operated by dedicated and experienced developers, Lars Malmborg and Hans Fogh, who are helped by a dedicated bike and riding loving team. The foundation of their working relationship and continuing innovation, was, and still is their uncompromising dedication to quality and it is this that carries their products success.


The Bullitt cargo bike has always been and continues to be the most flexible solution available. Built to last, fast, fun and strong, the Bullitt is more than just a machine and is loved by families, bicycle messengers, businesses and adventurers around the globe who use it daily for all their transport requirements.