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Cargo bike test rides

We encourage you to come and test ride, it is fun and the best way for you, your family or your business to find the right bike. Visit us to try our range of cargo bikes in a quiet traffic-free area behind our shop and learn everything you ever wanted to know about cargo bikes.


If you need help find suitable bikes, try using this form. Our range includes electric and none electrically assisted cargo bikes. Tricycles, Two Wheelers, Long Johns, Long Tails, mobile Market Stalls, Butchers Bikes and so on. To access our services please use the links below alternatively see our contact details at the bottom of this page.

Why should you buy from London Green Cycles?

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  • decades of experience in all cargo and box bike matters
  • a fine selection of cargo bikes to suit every purpose, business or family
  • many cargo bike brands and models available to test ride
  • large stock of bikes ready to ride away
  • minimum 1 year no-hassle guarantee on all new Cargo bike purchases
  • traffic-free and safe test riding area
  • on-site free 1st service (3 – 6 weeks from purchase)
  • ongoing after-sales support, maintenance and repairs
  • custom fabrication, branding and customisation
  • advice on cycle insurance, road safety, security and much more


Babboe bikes not safe to ride

Please go to, and register your cargo bike there using the frame number and submit your contact details. This is the single most important step we ask all recalled Babboe cargo bike owners to take at this stage. 12/04/2024 update Sadly there has not been any significant news since our last update. The statement below […]

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