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Babboe bikes not safe to ride

Posted on February 20, 2024 at 11:37 am

Please go to, and register your cargo bike there using the frame number and submit your contact details. This is the single most important step we ask all recalled Babboe cargo bike owners to take at this stage.

12/04/2024 update

Sadly there has not been any significant news since our last update. The statement below pretty much sums up the current situation.

Babboe is preparing to launch a recall where owners of these bikes will be given a replacement or another suitable alternative. ” To read the full statement please visit

Whilst we continue to strongly advise against riding your Babboe cargo bikes, we are aware that a lot of our customers simply continue to use their bikes. We would like to encourage all our customers who continue to use their bikes to get their frames checked in our workshop. This will not have any implications on your warranty or status of the recall. We will however be able to tell you if your frame has any visible signs of structural damage. We want you to know if that is the case. In order to be eligible you must have bought your Babboe bike directly from London Green Cycles (second hand bikes are not eligible).

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14/03/2024 update

Only the following Babboe models: City, City E, Mini, Mini E are being recalled at this point.

07/03/2024 Babboe Safety Notice:

Babboe takes its customers’ safety very seriously and does not want them to be at any risk.  That is why Babboe advises not to use the Babboe cargo bike models listed below until further notice.

We currently cannot guarantee that our cargo bikes meet the safety requirements set. There are defects in the frame and/or other parts of the cargo bike. This could lead to safety risks resulting in serious injuries.

We are currently conducting an in-depth investigation into the possible causes of these security risks. We are also working on solutions to eliminate those risks.

Do you own one of the Babboe models listed below? Then go to, please register your cargo bike there using the frame number and submit your contact details. We will contact you as soon as possible about the next steps and a possible recall.

The following cargo bike models are involved:
*Additional Models 07.03.24
Babboe Slim
Babboe Go-E / Go Mountain
Babboe Flow-E / Flow Mountain
Babboe City Mountain
Babboe Curve / Curve-E / Curve Mountain
Babboe Big / Big-E
Babboe Dog / Dog-E
Babboe Max-E
Babboe Mini Mountain
Babboe/Raleigh Pro Trike / Trike-E / Trike XL
Babboe Carve-E / Carve Mountain

Babboe & Raleigh UK, Babboe’s UK Importing partner, temporarily halted the sales of these models on of 15th February 2024.

Babboe City / City-E / Mini / Mini-E
In addition, the Babboe City / City-E / Mini / Mini-E are subject to a recall campaign. If you own one of these four models, please visit to register your bike model using the frame number and leave your contact details so you can be contacted about the recall as soon as possible and appropriate redress. If you cannot access the internet, please contact us using the information below and we will be able to assist you.

We realise that these measures are very inconvenient for you and sincerely apologise for that.
The frame number is located on the left side of the bottom bracket and/or on the sticker on the seat tube.
Can’t find the frame number? Then check:

06/03/2024 update:

Investigations have shown that the safety of the CITY, CITY-E, MINI and MINI-E models cannot be guaranteed. These models should therefore no longer be used. In consultation with the authority, Babboe is preparing to launch a recall where owners of these bikes will be given a replacement or another suitable alternative. Customers will also be given compensation for the inconvenience.

While the exact details of the recall are still being finalised, Babboe aims to provide customers with information on timing and next steps as quickly as possible. For more details visit the source:

To check if your Babboe cargo bike frame is affected use the link below:

The rest of Babboe bike models are still to be decided upon.

28/02/2024 update:

Babboe has officially recalled the following models: 

  • Babboe Mini / Mini–E
  • Babboe City / City-E

In Netherlands (only) Babboe will offer replacement or a suitable alternative for these models and have setup a direct line of enquiry with consumers. We are expecting an announcement from Raleigh in regards to the UK market hopefully in the next week or so.

For more details visit the source:

21/02/2024 update:

The most reliable source of information is the Dutch NVWA . However the “stop to ride” instruction issued by Babboe still applies to all models ever made.

Source: Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA)

“The Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) has instructed Babboe to stop selling cargo bikes because their safety cannot be sufficiently guaranteed. The cargo bikes can be sold again when it has been sufficiently demonstrated that they are safe, among other things by means of full technical documentation.”

We have contacted all our customers who have bought their Babboe bike from us. If you were not contacted and you have bought your Babboe cargobike from London Green Cycles please do contact us on

We are truly sorry. We understand how huge of an impact this will have on most of you. It is undoubtedly the most difficult message we’ve ever had to send to any of our customers before. We are not ignorant of the logistical nightmare you will be facing in the coming weeks. We are however not able to really help each and every one of you due to the number of bikes in question. Babboe has never been our biggest seller but we have sold too many over the past 11 years. 

Nonetheless we will work hard to assist, help and advise everyone who reaches out to us so please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

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