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Babboe Safety Notice (dealers)– Updated 07.03.24

Posted on March 7, 2024 at 1:34 pm

It has been identified that that intensive use of certain Babboe models may result in hairline cracks to appear on the frame. These cracks can, therefore, lead to potential harm, should the frame collapse. We have updated our UK safety notice, which now contains 5 additional models. This notice has been issued to the local authorities in the UK and we would kindly ask you to read, download, print and display it in store.The below models are all subject to the safety notice, and we request customers who own these bikes to stop riding them, whilst we continue to further investigate the next steps on these models.

Models as of 06.03.24
Babboe City Mountain
Babboe Curve/Curve-E/ Curve Mountain 
Babboe Big / Big-E
Babboe Dog / Dog-E
Babboe Max-E
Babboe Mini Mountain 
Babboe /Raleigh Pro Trike / Trike-E/ Trike XL
Babboe Carve-E / Carve Mountain 
Additional Models added 07.03.24
Babboe Slim 
Babboe Go-E / Go Mountain
Babboe Flow-E / Flow Mountain

Raleigh, our importer, will support Babboe in the UK. When we have a further update to share, they will contact you to discuss the next steps.
Thank you for your support.
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