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Cargo bikes show resilience in a crisis

Posted on May 4, 2020 at 6:31 pm

Cargobikes show resilience in a crisis

For most, cycling and cargobikes are solutions to specific problems. The covid-19 health crisis is now showing that once again, cycling is one of the most resilient modes of transport. And cargobikes shine through as a key mobility tool, whether you are a volunteer helping a vulnerable neighbour or a family living through lockdown.

“Pick a crisis”, said Chris Boardman, at the All Party Parliamentary Group for Cycling & Walking event in February. Adding, “congestion, obesity, inequality, air pollution, global warming, safety… Investing in cycling and walking is as close to a silver bullet as you’ll get”. Little did we know, that the worst crisis in decades was already unfolding as he spoke.

We have been forced to close our shop to the general public, mid-March, but the demand hasn’t stop growing, emails after phone calls from people looking for solutions. We are still open for sales, hires and the most urgent repairs. We shared on social media the many practical examples whereby cargobikes have been used as a relief solution.

Families have re-discovered their neighbourhood, travelling short local trips as one cell, as they were prevented from mixing with others due to lockdown restrictions. Cycling provides the daily exercise allowed whilst keeping to the recommended physical distancing imposed as part of the fightback against the spread of the virus.

Here are some examples, the world over how people cope with their cargobike:

Food delivery by a Bullitt bike to customers

Today’s homeschooling is biology and caring for the community for this Bakfiets family

Repurposing a Cycling Without Age Christiania cargobike to deliver to people shielding themselves

Have you started to notice something different in your neighbourhood? Here’s an Omnium cargo in action.

Delivering books in a Christiania to people stuck at home

Grocery run for this Babboe family

In few weeks’ time, businesses and schools will reopen. Cycling offers a good way to go from A to B in full compliance with physical distancing, and cargobikes add practicality for carrying goods and children, so they make the ideal mode of transport in the current climate. And as many others have said, you are never far away from a good mood when cycling, and don’t we all need that right now!

Do send us an email to discuss your requirements. We are operational for sales, hires and repairs.

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