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Quarterly Newsletter – Autumn 2017

Posted on November 28, 2017 at 11:41 am

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Rejoice! We may not be able to ride through warm evenings in flip flops any longer but let’s look forward to pretty lights and hot chocolate pit stops.

latest news

We have finally found an insurance company that shares our philosophy and challenges the current broken model. In partnership with London Green Cycles, the lovely folks at Laka have launched a cargo bike community insurance product. They have listened extensively to your needs and came up with an insurance that meets your specific cargo bike requirements.


You join a group of riders like you to share the risk when something happens. Add as many bikes as you want between £1,000 and £7,500al value to your cover. Be insured for theft, accidental damage, vandalism and loss.


Laka settle claims instantly and only make money on success.  Fewer claims, means lower premium. Every month, all claims are split with the cargo bike ‘pack’. We cap your share at market rate but the savings are yours.
Get Insured!

latest from the blog

How to Keep Them Warm

Based on feedback from our customers and our own experience, here is a little run down of the options available to keep your little ones warm in the box.
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KidicalXmass London

Join other cycling families on Sunday 3rd December from 11am for a gentle, children friendly ride from Tower Hill to Vauxhall. Music and and funny hats most welcome.
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Consultations on CS4 and CS9

Cycle Superhighways are just like buses, or so it seems. You are waiting a while and two come at once! Don’t forget to reply to the consultations on the TfL website. Deadlines are 31 October for CS9 (from Kensington Olympia to Brentford town centre) and 19 November for CS4 (Tower Bridge to Greenwich). These schemes are important because they propose protected cycle lanes stretching out to the west and south-east of London, enabling more people to cycle.


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