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How to use our online shop?

Our shop has been designed to help you do your research quick and easy. Main filter (menu) is located on the left side of your screen under “Shop” in the main navigation menu at the top of “Home page”. Click your desired category or select few to narrow down your search for example “Family/up to 2 children” + “Christiania”.

  1. Brand – if you are after a specific brand
  2. Family – if you are looking to transport children
  3. Business – for businesses
  4. Type – search by different cargo bike types

To view a particular product from your filtered results click the product title or image. To navigate back to your search results press the “Back” button on your browser. All basic information such as dimensions and weight are shown to the right from the product image. Price displayed here is for basic configuration only. To configure your bike, add more accessories scroll down. Product description, Specs and our terms and conditions can be found by selecting a tab below the product image.

To start search for accessories or spares click either in the left hand menu (filter). You can narrow your search down by clicking the desired type of accessory within your brand. For example select Accessories->Christiania->Covers to search for all Christiania rain hoods and full trike covers.

We highly recommend you to test ride our bikes. Based on our experience many customers change their preference after a test ride. Our range is huge and there might be more great cargo bikes that tick all the boxes than you think. There is a traffic free test riding area located at the rear entrance of our shop where we can provide you with our expert advice and ensure you purchase the most suitable bike. Our prime goal is for you to be happy and confident with your choice for many years after.

We are unsure about the purchase, can we try before we buy?

We encourage you to test ride, it is fun and the best way for you to find the right bike. We have a quiet traffic free test area for you to enjoy with the whole family.

Are they difficult to ride? Do I need special training to ride one?

Most people can handle a cargo bike within a few minutes of test riding, after few weeks you should be able to stop focusing on the handling and enjoy the ride. Choosing the right bike is important and you should be comfortable with the bike you are riding. If you are looking for a certified cargobike – specific cycle trainer for legal reasons please do get in touch and we will be able to help.

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