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Do you hire bikes to businesses? Our company would like to trial three at a time

Businesses represent a large proportion of our rental service users. For businesses wishing to trial cargo bikes in their day to day operation all bikes can be supplied without seating and branded (for additional cost). Staff training and bike delivery to your door can also be easily arranged. Past hire examples include parcel / food / flower deliveries, photo shoots / filming, marketing campaigns, product sampling, info point, magazine / leaflet distribution and many, many more.

Are they difficult to ride? Do I need special training to ride one?

Most people can handle a cargo bike within a few minutes of test riding, after few weeks you should be able to stop focusing on the handling and enjoy the ride. Choosing the right bike is important and you should be comfortable with the bike you are riding. If you are looking for a certified cargobike – specific cycle trainer for legal reasons please do get in touch and we will be able to help.

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